How to earn money from YouTube

How to earn money from YouTube

The digital market growing rate in amazing so many people want to earn money online so there are different methods available to earn money. Blogging is easy from a point of view because some research has to be done and then articles are published.

So let’s explore it


YouTube is a very good platform in which you can easily earn millions from home. For this, you will have to create a YouTube channel on one of the topics, and after making a good video, you will have to upload it. You can work in any niche in which you have an interest such as technology, education, gaming, business, etc.

 After selecting the topic, you will need a mic, a camera, a mobile, or a laptop. In the new technology mobile, you get great camera quality, so that you can easily make videos.

To manage your youtube channel you will need YouTube Studio, it is available in both mobile app and website. With the help of YouTube Studio, you will know how many subscribers are there in your channel, how many views are coming, what is the watch time?

 If your video starts getting good views then you will start earning very well. You can also make income sitting at home through advertisement, affiliate marketing, products review from your channel.

Source of Income from youtube


Just like we earn through Adsense in blogs, in the same way we earn through Adsense in YouTube too. For monetization, it is mandatory to have 4000 hours of watch time, 1000 subscribers in your channel.

Sponsored Video:- 

Sponsored Video is a very good way to earn money. you just have to make your YouTube channel a little better, only then you will get sponsorship offers.

Affiliate marketing:-

Let’s see some special research:-

• The growing rate of affiliate marketing is 10% every year.
• Affiliate marketing has a net worth of close to $ 12 billion.
• Revenue from digital media comes to 15%.
• 16% of e-commerce orders come from the USA and Canada.


But some people forget that there is a better career option than blogging. But I recommend you can start with YouTube because It have more money as compared to blogging.

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