How To Promote Affiliate Products | Free Traffic Methods

How To Promote Affiliate Products

Hi in this article we are going to share the top free methods to drive traffic to affiliate product. People are entering to affiliate marketing every day, most of them fails to get a sale or fails to get some quality traffic. So they quit their job and go for something else.

The main aim of this article is to share that exact and sales assured methods for getting free traffic. Here we have listed some of the main free traffic generation methods which you must focus on. After reading this article, you will definitely learn how to promote affiliate products with free traffic.

To 5 Ways To Promote Affiliate Products

  1. Facebook Fan Page: This is a proven way for driving traffic to your affiliate products. Many people are doing this same and earn thousands of dollars every single day. Here you need to create a fan page in Facebook that related to your niche. And start sharing valuable information to your page. Invite Friends and families to follow your page and make it grow. After reaching 1000 followers, start promoting your affiliate links on that page. People will definitely go through link and take some affiliate actions.
    Try to make trust from your followers initially. Do not post affiliate links in the initial stage.

2. Facebook Groups: The another simple way get free traffic. We can see that there are thousands of groups available in Facebook for all topic. Try to join all groups in your niche. Try to get approved by admins of all groups. There are millions of people are there in groups. And post and share your affiliate products to that groups. You can see the result in one day.

3. Pinterest: Pinterest can brings you a lot of free traffic if you do it in a professional way. Many people does not know the power of pinterest and its audience. The main traffic of pinterest comes from tier one countries. Create your pinterest page with the name of your niche and start creating pins. Create pins regularly and add your affiliate links. You can see the results in months.

4. Instagram: This is same as Facebook and pinterest. Create your account on instagram based on your niche and start building followers. Add engaging contents on your account. Try to follow people who intrested in your niche, so the will start following you back.

5. Blogging: The most recommended method for getting millions of free traffic. Create a blog based on your niche and start promoting. Submit blog to search engines so, you will get some free traffic. You don’t have to be an expert to create a blog. There are some software’s available online. so it is very simple to create a blog.


These are the main free traffic method. Every thing is based on you and You have to do only one thing, that is Take Action.

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