Key Steps to achieving early retirement

early retirement

Many people dream of having an early retirement and enjoy a relaxed life at their old age. In addition, individuals often plan to have an early retirement due to health issues, or sometimes they may be interested in getting engaged in volunteer services. But early retirement plans depend on your financial situation and how you want to enjoy your retirement life. So, if you like to take off from your full-time job at 60 or 55 years of age instead of 65, you need to follow the steps to achieve early retirement.

The lifestyle you want:
All individuals have their way of living, and after retirement, people often dream to cherish life differently. Some may plan to have a world trip, whereas some want to offer some volunteer services. Whatever may be the reason, you need to have a sound financial position to fulfil your dreams.

Make a list of annual spending:
Before you plan for early retirement, it is necessary to verify the annual spending that you cannot avoid. Complete monitoring of your monthly expenses will give you an idea of what age you can take early retirement. Your future lifestyle should never get overburdened on your future income. So, if you are planning for early retirement and have no idea of your monthly expenses, start tracking them from today. Tracking monthly expenses is a good practice to confirm your overall expenses. At first, you should track and make a list of your fixed expenses like rent, interest on debts you have, payment of insurance bills, subscriptions and donations, etc. Besides, it would be best if you also track other recurring expenses.

Calculate your savings and investment plans:
Once you plan for early retirement, it is suggested to have your savings 25 times more than your spending. People who are willing to take early retirement also need to make the necessary investment so that their savings can grow. Again, no one should take out more than 4% of their savings during the first year of retirement.

Make a list of your emergency needs:
It is hard to predict when you will face emergencies. Moreover, if you or your spouse already have some health issues, making a list of your medicines will help you to stay safe.

Employer-sponsored perks:
You must take a look at the plans or perks that your employer offers. Many companies offer various healthcare plans for their employees, and these, in turn, seem extremely beneficial for your retirement life. If you have this opportunity, you don’t need to make extra payments for insurance premiums.

Plan for extra income:
While planning for early retirement, you need to plan for extra income. As you will stay off from your regular job, you need to create extra sources of income. If you are tech-savvy, loads of online opportunities are there for you. You can work as a freelancer and earn good bucks during your retirement time.

Pay-off your debts:
Debt is always a matter of concern for all individuals. Debt payment cuts your savings and triggers reducing cash flow. If you opt for early retirement, you need to pay off your debts before you retire. So, it will be best if you get started by paying off your high-interest credit cards. Hence it is necessary to list all the debts from low to high interest and start paying them.

Adequate life-cover:
One should not ignore maintaining a life insurance plan for adequate life coverage during emergencies. It will help you and your spouse to enjoy stress-free retirement life.


The above are some essential guidelines for those planning to take early retirement and who want to cherish their lives uniquely.