How I Made 50000 With Just Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

For the last few month i was searching for an exact affiliate product/platform to promote and earn commission. But i couldn’t find a good affiliate product to make money till last 2 months. After that i reached a website called and that changed my life. Now i earning 50000 to 60000 rupees every month with mantrimall.

What Is Matrimall?

Mantrimall is an online trading platform. We can earn money in two ways there. The first one is trading online and the second one is affiliate marketing. Both earning source will give us money. And my main source of income is Affiliate marketing.

How I making 50000 every month with mantrimall?

Initially my main aim was to make 500 to 1000 rupees every day with trading. But i don’t have 500 rupees to invest and earn. Then i noticed that many of their members and earning lakhs of money every month by promoting the link. We get a unique referral link from our dashboard which we can use for invite our friends and families to join.

How much we get from referrals?

If we refer a person with our referral link, we get Rs.138 if they join and recharge their wallet with just 100 rupee or more. Also we get 50% commission of their trading revenue.

So i found that this an amazing opportunity to make thousands of rupees simply. I started to refer people to this game and gradually my income increased to 50000 in just 1 month.

How much you can earn from affiliate marketing?

If you can refer 10 members per day, we can calculate the earnings below

Join 10 member and recharge with 100 or 500 or 1000, you will get 138 for each members,

So your referral income is 10*138 = 1380/-

You will also get 30 to 50 percentage commission from their trading. So you will earn more and more money from just 1 member.

So you will be able to make 1380 every day and 41400 every month. Your income will increase gradually and you will make huge amount of money.

How to promote affiliate link and get more referrals?

Social media work better for this jobs. Join to online earning groups and post on that groups and chat with the members. This will give you instant results as you can see that your earnings increase. All you need to do is that chat with each person and learn them how to play this game and earn money. You will definitely get result.

Withdrawal and Earnings Proof

Earnings Proof
Earnings Proof

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