What Is Cryptocurrency And How It Works

What Is Cryptocurrency

The future of cryptocurrency is very bright as its users are increasing now. A few years ago people used to invest only in some stocks, gold, now due to the increase in the growth rate of cryptocurrency, investment in it has increased and now everyone is investing in cryptocurrency. So I will tell you what is cryptocurrency and how it works, let’s understand

Now, if seen, cryptocurrency can be used only through Internet, due to which developers are also working on it to increase its growth.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is used to perform digital transactions such as if you want to purchase a product or service, you can also do traditional transactions and use cryptocurrency. It works from peer-to-peer electronic devices and this is also the reason for increasing its growth rate.

And its special thing is that you can do the transaction without the help of any bank, just you have to use cryptocurrency instead of a traditional transaction.

Bitcoin is considered to be the most famous in cryptocurrency as its demand increased with time and today most people want to invest in it.

I think you should also understand the types of cryptocurrency.

Types of Digital Currencies

On the internet there are different types of cryptocurrency are present, but we will talk only about some cryptocurrency


Bitcoin, which has a boom and craze in the market, and I would like to tell you that Bitcoin is the world’s first used cryptocurrency which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and introduced Bitcoin as a digital currency. 

As I told you, you use cryptocurrency to buy or transact certain services or products. As I told you, you use cryptocurrency to buy or transact certain services or products. Now another special thing is that bitcoin is a decentralized currency, due to which no bank or government has authority over it. Today 1 bitcoin value is above $55,000. 


Ethereum is another cryptocurrency that is based on decentralized and blockchain methods. It helps in the transaction, purchase goods, and service. Also known as Ether, it is developed by Vitalik Buterin.


Dogecoin is its unique name and it also has a unique story, because it is developed for only fun and it has a dog face on the digital currency. It is also based on the blockchain method and script algorithm. The dogecoin was developed by Billy Markus. And you know that today Dogecoin market capitalization is $69 billion which is a huge amount and every year’s growth rate is awesome. I want to you if you have any interest in the cryptocurrency then you should invest in Dogecoin.


It is also a cryptocurrency that is very famous. Just as Bitcoin follows the blockchain method, it also uses blockchain methods and completes its transactions and is not dependent on other cryptocurrencies and new coins.

How cryptocurrency works?

Cryptocurrency is completely based on the process of cryptography and blockchain methods. Its data is controlled by using blockchain and cryptography is mined by some good computers and those that do the mining are called miners. 

Let’s understand in easy words, assuming you have transferred bitcoin, then it is first stored in the blockchain’s data and it has access and further processing by the miners and the miners solve the cryptography problem and generate them.


Cryptocurrency is a new technology and everyone want to access this technology and if you want to grow in this field, I will give you suggestion, first learn about it and then take process.

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